3 Amazing Mercedes-Benz Safety Features You Should Know


As Mercedes says, “the best or nothing”, safety comes first here. That’s why the engineers at Mercedes have dedicated every single minute of their time to ensure the optimal safety.

Inevitably, the safety preferences of Mercedes-Benz have set standards for all other automobiles manufacturers. Nowadays, new Mercedes-Benz is being designed to make an accident less damaging, less severe, and most of all – less likely. With safety offered as standard features, the Mercedes cars are designed to protect you in ways you might not have imagined.

What you usually do to protect your life while driving? You buckle up the seatbelt. Obviously, safety belts save lives and more advanced safety features like forward-collision warning & automatic emergency braking can be of great help in avoiding accidents.

But when it comes to Mercedes-Benz, these vehicles come equipped with the latest safety features. So you can easily get the car you want without having compromising the peace of mind. Here’re a few of those safety features that you should know about. So let’s dive in;

Accident Investigation

Inevitably, Mercedes-Benz offers notable safety features in the entire automobile industry. Perhaps that’s the reason why Mercedes has launched the accident investigation program. This program is meant to not only help determine the most likely scenario for an accident but also develop technology to prevent it. The system calculates impact speed, collision angles, and collect more data to help improve the groundbreaking technology that includes Attention Assist, Pre-Safe, etc.

Pre-Safe Brake & Distronic Plus Technology

Even a second that you spend distracted on the road can have life-changing implications – and might also be risky for your life. That’s the reason why engineers at Mercedes worked really hard to come up with pre-safe brake & Distronic plus technology. What does it do exactly? Whenever your car senses a (to be) accident, it’ll automatically initiate about 40% braking power.

Moreover, it’ll also audibly alert the drive that’s actually followed by engaging the Pre-Safe system. And in case the driver still fails to respond due to any reason, the system will apply 100% braking power on its own to reduce the impact of a collision.

Night View Assist Plus

When driving at night, it’s really difficult to notice upcoming obstacles. While working on the safety-features, Mercedes didn’t miss it and offered the Night View Assist Plus technology. Now, driving at night will no longer be an issue. The system has got a special camera & invisible infrared beams integrated. Due to which, the drivers can view a real-time view of a dark road. This way, you’ll be able to avoid pedestrians as well as animals while driving in the dark nights.

As we all know, most of the Mercedes-Benz car come equipped with active full-LED headlamps that can generate the most power when driving at night. These 72 LED-lights reconfigure themselves forming patterns based on the vehicle’s speed, other traffic, and obviously your steering habits. Staying safe in Mercedes-Benz is very much convenient with such amazing safety features. For regular maintenance, make sure to drive to the reliable Mercedes service in Dubai.

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