Animals, puzzles, constantin

Animals, puzzles, constantin

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The Fit-in puzzles from Constantin puzzles

Unique 3d wooden puzzles that you will have to try the wood chips in the design.

Choose from the four designs are:

Wild horses

The staljongen keeps the door wide open and the horses have been out of it. You can search for them and do it all again, get it?

The Elephant Parade

They say an elephant never forgets, but as the zookeeper makes that clear. Can you help him to remember what he was, they all returned to their residence may receive?

Monkey Madness

The cheeky monkeys have the whole day to play. You can have them all at the same time, back in the monkey house have?

Cat Basket

He did the cat have a litter of kittens and had to take care of them, it is hard to work with. Can you help her get them all in the basket to get a good night’s sleep?

Size: package is in a 15 cm x 11 cm)
The puzzle is laser-cut in wood, and there is a solution that may be printed on the packaging.

A series of imaginative designs, Jean Claude Constantin made by Recent Toys.

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