Ants in the aquarium


    This mierenstad know, young and old, to be fascinating! Not only because of the activities of the ants, but it is also due to its unique construction.
    Love all of the gaps in the holes for you from now on, the ants need to be!!! The Ant maze, it consists of a container with a translucent gel in which the ants have their nest, with room to build, this gel also serves as food, and moisture. Like an ant-tank.

    Antmaze is based on the technology then youwill be, provided by NASA was used in the study of life in a zero-g environment, and specially designed as a habitat, is a habitat for the ants in the room. Refer to and study the behavior of ants in a unique, self-supporting container. The clear gel in this directive shall, for the ants are not only able to do this in their nest, with room to build, but also if the nutrition and hydration. You are just in the containerbak to be able to observe it and study it.

    The ants, observing the interests of children and we bet you’ll be there, not just the past three.

    Hint: The average life-span of the werkmieren in your mierenstad in 90 to 120 days. And don’t worry, the ants will bring ‘death’ from positions himself at the top of the Antmaze. You can use the gel to from time to time to use it again. Normally, there is air enough, but as you can each and every week, just to open it for fresh air for the ants, this will be sure to appreciate it.

    To the ants, studying a little bit easier, there is a magnifying glass on the Antmaze included in the price.

    The ants provide, we are not in it, you can buy it at the best pet store. Or, you can find it well in your own garden.

    Size: 15,2x14x2,up to 55 cm (l x w X h)

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