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Bus is considered to be one of the cheapest modes of transport. For a domestic journey, people prefer bus to be more convenient. In India, bus journey is more fascinating for, since it gives us the real pleasure of a ride. So integrating bus API to your portal will be the smart move to expand the periphery of your business domain. For short distance journey, people don’t like to spend their money on booking expensive tickets and moreover, it doesn’t mean, if someone is going somewhere, that place has got any airport. Bus is the most preferred transport mode in India.

So to attract more customers, travel agencies must integrate Bus API service to their portal. Bus API Integration is a software solution that helps users to get all the necessary information related to bus. From booking tickets, reserving seat of your choice, current status of the bus, other details, everything your customers can learn online. The days were long gone, when people used to go to ticket counter and stand in a long queue to get tickets. Travelers want a platform that allows them to search and get in hand information for whatever they are looking for.

Benefits of Bus API are mentioned below:

  • Bus availability
  • Bus booking status
  • Total revenue transacted
  • Report on daily booking
  • Easy printing of ticket option
  • Total seats booked in a particular date
  • Total seats booked on a particular route
  • Options for view history of reservations
  • Cancellation of tickets
  • Reports

Basic features are:

  • Easy to customize design and layout
  • Entirely integrated into your online portal
  • Dynamic packaging
  • Advanced and flexible
  • Marketing with banner images
  • Custom promo code
  • Log in with social networking site
  • Reporting and revenue tracking
  • Email or SMS notification to verify, confirm, cancel tickets
  • Yields required data instantly

Travel portal solution offers dynamic and technically highly advanced bus booking system integration, which provides various functions like creating and allocating routes of different service providers. Integrating it, helps you to provide your customers out of the box travel related services related to bus from anywhere in the world with efficiency and accuracy.

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