Bike is the balls


Bike is the balls

    Bike balls

    A couple of balls for you to saddle up! It increases not only your visibility, but it also humorgehalte!

    The Bike, that Ball was a tail light that is mounted under the seat of my bike. As you drive, you can move the light back and forth. With the Bike Inside to increase your visibility, confidence and trust in the dark. You can rest assured that you will be noticed in the dark, due to the constant movement. You can be very safe to ride a bike!

    The Bike’s Balls can be in one of three settings can be set to two flashing party mode and a “constant on” mode. In order to switch between these modes, and the ball is out, you should just have to press the button in the top center of the balls.

    They have a housing made of silicone, and a variety of clothes are led to where the batteries are, including her. It also has two ties that you have with the balls securely in the saddle to fit, and no one can steal it.


    Light, with a quirky monument
    High-quality silicone with a bevestigingslus-and-switch
    The bright LED for excellent visibility
    3 modes: permanent light, slow flashing or fast flashing
    Battery life: up to 100 hours with a solid light, only 190 hours in flashing mode
    Can be operated by pressing the button
    Splash-resistant construction
    2x CR2032 batteries
    Weight: 66 grams
    Dimensions: 10cm(L) x 16cm(W) x 3.5 cm(H)

    Material: plastic

    Supplied in a blister pack.

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