Budget Flight Tickets: Getting Your Money’s Worth


The expensive flight fares are undoubtedly the bugbear that haunts us every time we check an online flight booking portal in order to book a flight ticket. But stepping onto a plane is the moment your adventure begins that takes you to the height of 33000 feet above the ground. But finding a cheap flight can be tough. Obviously, there is a huge plethora of online flight booking site that claims to proffer cheap flight tickets, but really do you get what you pay for?

For those who are passionate about exploring, traveling must never stop and you really don’t need to wait for that big airline sale for booking cheap flights. No doubt, flight fares are highly expensive when compared to the other mode of transport. With endless search engines and continually fluctuating prices, the approach to frugal flight booking is overwhelming. With some simple tricks, you can cut down on your flight bookings at any time of the year.

Living with budget airfares

Use a flight aggregator

Flight aggregators such as Skyscanner, Kayak, Flight on Mobile etc. are some of the good flight booking sites that are known for providing the cheapest flight tickets, but watch out for extra booking fees or tax levied by these sites. Unveil the fare breakup to know what you are paying for. Sometimes, these aggregators offer promo codes and discounts, try to grab the best deal on the time available.

Be flexible with your time and date

Budget deals are not a regular phenomenon. You need to check on it regularly, so that you don’t miss out on an exciting deal on flight fares. Expect some gnashing of teeth too as during the good deals day, tickets sell out fast. In general, prefer booking flight tickets on Tuesdays instead of other day and avoid weekends the most. Morning and late night flights are often cheap. Be flexible.

Check the airline website directly

If you are not getting cheap flight tickets from the online flight booking site, check directly from the airlines and compare the price. Also, look for a return ticket at the same time. The general perception suggests that return flight are cheaper. Make the extra effort to go through the flights offered by other airlines and be more flexible about your time and date.

Book early

This may sound clichéd, but there’s no way better than booking your flight ticket early. Booking in advance has always proved to be the best way to get the cheapest flight fares.

Use incognito mode

Ever wondered why every time you check the flight tickets online, the fare hikes up? Your cookies and server details are automatically recorded with these portals. So the moment the system reads that you are revisiting the website, it is bound to give you raised airfares. Clear your history every time you make the search online. The best way to avoid this is to use incognito mode. If you are using the browser in the normal mode, make sure you clear the cookies or simply open the website from a different browser or computer.

Happy globetrotting!

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