Changing Global Trends and Their Impact on The Travel Industry


How GDS responds to the changing phenomenon of the sector

The tremendous transformation of the travel industry is not a sudden phenomenon, rather it took a huge amount of efforts and time to reach today’s position and during the course of this action, technology has played a vital role to make the industry one of the most successful and reliable commercial sectors in the world. However, the industry is still in its late infancy and so it would be important to see how the industry is going to cope-up with the frequently changing trends. This sector is associated with many other travel related service providers, such as travel agencies, travel content suppliers (airlines, hotels, car rental companies, bus operators etc.), travel technology provider, travelers, who are the end-customers. Looking at the bright side, many entrepreneurs and businessmen are showing a keen interest in investing in the travel business and they are doing so and the result is- the market has become overcrowded and fierce and it becomes difficult to survive in such a competitive market.

As the travel industry evolves, the trends and demands evolve. Millennial users prefer booking travel contents from a site that enables them to select from multifarious options on global travel content. An ideal travel agency allows the user to get dynamic packaging of travel contents, which are either pre-designed or the user can create their itinerary as per their choice and requirements.

The tours and travel industry is growing faster than the global GDP. To stay at the forefront of this dynamic industry, GDP needs to identify the trends that will impact us so as to be able to adapt to them in a timely manner. So the question arises, what are the trends that are going to impact the industry.

Cloud computing

It has a number of features that make it relevant to the travel industry. Amadeus has responded to this with Amadeus Cloud Services, which can be employed on multiple cloud environments. It is available for both the hospitality and travel industry.

Artificial intelligence

The job of the artificial intelligence in the travel industry is to perform tasks that have traditionally required human cognitive function, but deploying AI can reduce time and money, which is undoubtedly the best reason to utilize it in travel business. when as a travel agent you integrate advance Amadeus GDS API, it uses the latest big data technology and applies machine learning in a number of areas, revenue management etc.


The travel industry sector is facing challenges due to the changing trends and to keep pace with it, the industry is implementing the latest travel technology solution. The main focus of any OTA is to have sustainable growth in travel market and to proffer the clients out of the box services.

The industry is implementing GDS API Integration into their system to amplify their resources and keeping itself updated with the changing trends.

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