Digital jump rope with counter


Digital jump rope with counter

    Digital jumping without a rope

    There is also an unused jump rope in your house, because you can use it? Then we have the solution for you. This cordless jump rope allows you to get to work. So, not to worry, vases, dishware, or other breakable items that are in the area.

    Jumping rope can be used for the fun of it, but it’s also one of the best ways to burn fat. This jump rope can not only tell you how many times you’ve blown it, but you can also see how many calories you’ve burned. For those who prefer to use a rope tied in a circle to wave to the gadget, a rope is provided to attach to the handle.

    This cordless jump rope, you don’t have to worry that you’ll break stuff down in air during a jump. In order to be a sensible way to burn fat, they also have a counter that not only is the number of hops count, but the calories that are burned. There is also a rope that you can attach to the ends of the cable, so that you are also using a rope to jump.

    – Jumping rope without a rope
    Digital counter: calorie counter, sprongenteller and speed
    Including the extra twine

    Jump rope without a rope

    Easy to take with you

    Digital counter: calorie counter, sprongenteller and speed

    Includes extra rope

    Color of rope: red or pink

    Dimensions of lever handles: 17 x 3 cm

    Material: plastic

    Weight: 200 grams

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