Few facts about the flea and teak collars for your pets


First, let us know how does a flea collar work?

When you search for a tick and flea collar in the market or on the online stores who will get various type of them. The flea and tick collar that are of older and cheaper style emits toxin as gas and this will only kill the fleas that are close to your pet.

But the new models of flea and tick collar that are available contain a repellent chemical that gets released from the flea collar continuously and spread in the overall body of your pet- their hair, skin, and coat.

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These then provide continuous protection to your pet. They become an invisible shield for your pet.

The collars which are of the old model contains organophosphates. This chemical can prove to be harmful to your pets as they have the potential for causing a toxic reaction to dogs and cats.

The collars which are of the new model are more effective and safe. However, whenever you are buying flea and tick collar for your cat and dog it is better to get it prescribed from the vet.

Why should you use a flea collar for your dog and cat?
These flea collars act as a prevention from the fleas and ticks. They fight against them for your dog. But there are situations when a flea collar might not be suitable for your dog.

The flea collars can be a very valuable tool to protect the dogs and cats who spend most of their time outdoors. But, just a flea color sometimes may not be the best type of protection, it will be beneficial if used along with a flea control product especially in areas where there the rate of the parasite is more.

Can all the dogs wear a flea collar?
You may have a senior dog, or your dog may be nursing or pregnant, during such situation all type of flea collars are not suitable for them. Even most of the collar are not fit for pets who are three months old or less than that.

To give your dog a better product and to make sure that it is not harmed from flies and ticks it is essential that you read about the product that you are thinking of buying or rather consult a vet before buying it.

Is it necessary for the dog to remove the flea and tick collar while swimming?
You will get many fleas and tick collar that is water resistant. But, most of the time they are not waterproof and it will be better than you remove the collar when your dog is bathing.

Moreover, the collar may also not last as long as the integrity of the product will decrease if your dog is frequently in water.

You will also get collars that are strictly not allowed to be used in the water as they are toxic to wildlife and fish. It is again better to read about the product before you buy them.

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How should the collar be worn?
It is better that you follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer for the products that you are using. Skin contact is necessary for the collar to work so the flea collar must fit tightly around your dog’s neck.

This is also important because the dog can remove the collar if it is not tightly fit and you have to prevent it from doing that.

If there are any extra length hanging from the collar it has to be cut off. Moreover, it must not reach the children or the dog so you need to dispose of the piece.

Especially if you have a growing puppy you also have to check the fitness of the collar at regular interval to make sure that the collar is not too tight for them. If the collar gets wet frequently then also the effectiveness of it will get reduced.

You must remove and replace a flea collar as per the requirement and also monitor whether your pet is facing any kind of hair loss or irritation around their neck.

Nowadays you will get many options for the treatment of flea and ticks and most of them are suitable for any dogs, starting from spot-on, collars, tablets, and sprays.

However, there can be a difference between the effectiveness and quality especially if you are buying a cheap product. It is always advisable that you seek help from the vet whenever you are buying products for your pets.

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