Flame led light bulb


Flame led light bulb

    The Led flame bulb with E27 socket

    In this light, it seems as if there is a flame within the lamp itself. Of cool effects. This led light bulb with vuursimulatie within, and outside, exactly the same effect. And it will save you dozens of the candles blow out, The E27 led light bulb looks much like a flickering flame, but at the same time, it has all the advantages of an led light bulb. Safe, secure, sustainable, and very eco-friendly.
    The led lamp with the flame effect makes for extra atmosphere in the living room, the bedroom, or use it as an eye-catcher at a party. It has a warm, orange glow of 1800K.


    Light bulb with flickering flame effect

    E27 (normal light socket (screw out)the input 220 v, output 6 power (w) 650 ma (very efficient) Check out the video for a preview

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