Four Reasons Why Dubai should be in your Travel Bucket List


Dubai boasts the world-class infrastructure, an alluring artificial island on the coast of Dubai, audacious nightlife, thrilling desert life and what not. You will find anything and everything superlatives here, from the tallest skyscraper to the marvelous Palm Jumeirah Dubai has turned itself to be a burgeoning metropolis and is synonymous to extravagance. This oasis in the middle-east situated amidst desert, is a top-notch for every globe-trotter.Dubai is all about the splendid amalgamation of profound tradition and ambitious futuristic vision. It’s hard not to admire the splendid beauty of this superlative craving city that has birthed wonderful architectures. The vibrant nightlife in Dubai showcases shape-shifting party spectrum caters for just about every taste, budget and age group. Dubai is a bustling microcosm peacefully shared by cultures from all across the globe. Although rooted in Islamic tradition, Dubai has an embracing society that welcomes people from different backgrounds and helps them connect with myriad experiences.From ultramodern enticing g infrastructures to relishing Bedouin culture amidst the desert…..Dubai is a place full of indefatigable verve.

Dubai embraces more than a million tourists annually from across the globe and tourists are showing a keen interest to explore the hidden rhinestone of Dubai that shone the rich history of this vibrant city. There’s no need for any reasons to visit a city like Dubai, but in case you are looking for one….you will get multiple.

If being posh is your way of life

Dubai is an ostentatiously opulent and for tourists who are in love with posh life, Dubai meets all the requirements as a luxurious escapade. The pristine white gold sand beaches are covered with extravagant resorts and the Palm Jumeirah Island also owns a private crescent-shaped beach that offers vast activities for water sports enthusiasts. For a posh staycation, Burj Al Arab is consistently voted as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

For a family vacation

Since summer vacation is on its way and you are planning to take your kid to a place they have never gone before. Dubai offers a wide range of fun activities that can be enjoyed together with friends. You can opt for hop-on-hop-off bus to travel across the city and explore some tourist attractions. Commentaries are given in 12 languages.

Witness the magnificent skyline of the world

Dubbed as the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa literally gives you splendid view of the Dubai skyline. The spectacular beauty of the shimmering gulf and the desert from the top of Burj Khalifa is nothing less than an Arabic fairytale and if you are thinking this is just a view and you can skip it, then you should know the picturesque view you are going to get here is something you won’t find anywhere in the world.

Shopper’s paradise

Dubai Mall is the largest and biggest mall in the world. The mall covers up to 12 million sq feet and features over 1200 retail stores, two anchor department stores and hundreds of food and beverage outlets. Shopaholic will rejoice at this mall as for fashionista, it has over 70 signature outlets and the chances are zero to find no big brand fashion counter here. Undoubtedly you have to pay more as buying anything from here will be expensive and if you are ready to bear the expenses, Dubai Mall is the place where you will get anything and everything.

If you haven’t yet planned for your summer trip to Dubai, it is better to plan right now. The peak season of tourists have just started and before you entangle amidst the chaos of rush, book your flight ticket and apply for Dubai visa from Emirates Visa Consultant in Delhi and obtain it ASAP.

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