Gastendoekje bottle of wine.

Gastendoekje bottle of wine.

    The towel is in the shape of a wine bottle.

    No bewaarwijn! Immediately, it is ready for consumption.
    Let your guests go home with a nice bottle of wine for a very, very special, Chateau… For the fans!
    A very cleverly folded towels.

    This is True for wine, it is perfect as a gift, so as the give-away is a unique and distinct gift products.

    Be random on a per piece delivered. 4 Colours available, black, brown, red, white, yellow, and orange


    Micro-fiber towels in the shape of a bottle in a gift box – don’t. Package: cm-16,5×7,5×8, H Bottle: 3.5 x 11.5 H hand towel : 24 X 24 (H

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