Giant inflatables


Giant inflatables

    Mega opblaasbedden

    These giant inflatables, go your coolness level of its weight in gold. Bobbing up and down in the ocean, are you doing this summer is an old-fashioned air mattress. This summer will drive you to fashionable look at the back of the boat, flamingo, or as a watermelon. For the foodies among us, there are pizzapunt the bag in order to chill out during your holiday in the sun. And with a tropical cocktail in your hand, and with one of these great pool toys and are under your seat, you can travel in person.



    watermelon blown up: ø 150 cm

    Talking ben the dog blown up to ø 122 cm

    Flamingo Size is inflated: 190 cm Thickness: 0.28 mm

    Pizzapunt Dimensions inflated:180 x150 cm, Thickness: 0.27 mm

    Comes with: no opblaaspomp

    Material: Eco-friendly PVC

    Perfect for poolpartys

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