Hello Kitty bank, piggy bank


Hello Kitty bank, piggy bank

    The best way to save money-with, this cutie piggy bank

    Bet that will save you a lot better sound with this hello Kitty Bank, piggy bank? As soon as you get the money in on the sign explains, there is a cat out of the coin with its paw in. His meow, he lets us know: I will take care of your money!!!

    The best way to save money
    The save will be a lot of fun with this interactive piggy bank! Each and every time you put money in the piggy bank to do it, the cat will appear to be you have the coins is to steal it. With the built-in sounds that can be heard that he is very happy with your money. Are you curious to know how much you have saved up for you. Open up the piggy bank rather than through the muntendekseltje to the bottom of it and count it!

    The piggy bank is powered by two ” AA ” batteries (not included) and has an on/off button. If you do not have the money to spare, you can take part in each and every case, you will still save energy!


    Will let you have a savings account monitored by the cute cat
    Place the coins on the plate, and he takes them to the
    Made of durable plastic
    From the cover to the bottom, you can always get your money
    Powered by 2 ” AA ” batteries (not included).

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