Homemade Face Packs- For Flawless Skin!


Every person loves and desires radiant and glowing skin. Models and actresses fulfill their desire by taking the help of makeup to achieve that look on screen. But do you know that there are several natural ways to get that glow too? Well, we have picked selected ingredients that are easily available in the market and it will give your skin an instantglow and shine. It is time to pamper and love your skin with some homemade face packs so that you can put your hard- earned money to better use. Sounds interesting? Then keep reading!

 Sandalwood! I hope you all would have been gone back to your childhood memory lane when the fragrance of it would linger around the house. Whether in the agarbatti or in the face packs that our grandmothers or aunts used, the smell immediately evoked a pleasant mood, isn’t it? This nature’s bounty has soothing and cooling properties that make it the perfect ingredient for beauty products. From daily skin care, to fighting skin blemishes, from healing rashes to delaying wrinkles and lines, and reducing dullness and tans, the advantages of sandalwood face pack for skin is tremendous. And this is just few of the many sandalwood benefits.

We often use products available in the market to get a glowing skin. By the using chemical fairness products on a regular basis we may have many skin problems such as skin irritations, skin cancers etc. So try to avoid the use of chemical products which you use to get the fairness skin. Make use of the natural home products or herbal products that isavailable in the market. Hereis some herbal face packs which you can use to get a glowing and radiant skin.

Sandalwood and rose petal

There is a reason, rose is known as the queen of flowers. The pretty and soft petals can add natural radiance to your skin. These pretty petals are rich in antioxidants that rejuvenate the skins and also enhance the skins’s elasticity. They also contain vitamin E that hydrates the skin and improves the complexion of the skin. Applying this amazing pack on your skin will leave you with glowing skin likes that of Cleopatra.

2 Natural Sandalwood Face pack

Chandan has a soothing, calming and cooling effect on the inflammation of skin caused due to pimples and acne. Our grannies have been using sandalwood for pimples and acne for centuries and I guess we all has seen the results as well. They really leave the skins to be blemish-free.

  1. Mint is used for culinary purposes to add a captivating aroma to your food, all over the world. But Mint has much more to offer than these qualities. Mint is bursting with lots of benefits of your skin and hair too. Sandalwood and mint together can give you a glowing skin and will also help you fight acne and scars.

With so many homemade face packs available why to go for chemical products. Use any of the above face packs if you wish to have a glowing and scars free skin.

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