How to Protect & Progress Eyesight of your Child?


Early childhood is indeed an important and developmental period; an undeniable fact. It’s the age when overall personalities are shaped, habits are imbued, likes and dislikes are formed as well as the period when critical health factors take place that probably influences lifestyle.

That said, early childhood is also the period when eyesight is subjected to change as well. Rapid development and refinement of vision takes place during the first two-three years of childhood. This is when the vision shifts from fuzzy to light-sensitive and colour recognition, allowing children to identify and see the world in all its glory.

However, this is also the time when certain vision-related anomalies may surface especially if child’s birth hasn’t been normal or perhaps any other issue such as retinopathy of prematurity. Whatever the cause or case, it’s a troubled time for parents as they often have to make difficult choices for a better life overall.

Still, to know about visual health and basics can make a real difference and help you to take a sound decision for an improved lifestyle of your children, especially children’s vision and protection. Read on to know more;

Promote outdoor activities

Perhaps the most important is promoting outdoor activities which contribute to overall physical and mental goodness. It’s most unfortunate that in most of the developed and advanced countries, outdoor activities are getting limited as we forsake our children to digital devices for almost everything, which is absolutely catastrophic to the eyes and hampers cognitive development as well.

After careful research and multiple experiments, it has been proven that natural sunlight helps in preventing near-sightedness (myopia). What’s more surprising is the recent study performed on children who were exposed to outdoor activities for an additional one-hour other than the routine who showed a drop of approximately two-percent in near-sightedness. In an ideal scenario, parents should’ve their children spent approximately 15-hours per week outside.

Encourage sports & workout

The step is pretty much same as promoting outdoor activities for its obvious such would encourage essential sporting and workout. This is the best way to fight obesity and many other health issues including eyesight as certain sporting activities gives for a sharper and more refined vision.

Retinopathy; be it diabetic or associated to any other high-blood pressure increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and can damage essential blood vessels in the eye due to unhealthy blood pressure and blood sugar spikes. Whatever the reason, obesity can heighten overall health and vision related anomalies if left untreated for longer; eventually causing total blindness. Encourage workout and other such sporting activities that burn calories.

Proper diet

Something almost all parents struggle with is encouraging children to have timely and proper food. Much like adults, children also gravitate around fatty and sugary foods however, they lack understanding as to why avoid eating such. We as parents are responsible to educate them rather than shouting and screaming.

Macular degeneration and cataracts; most common age-related eye anomalies contributing to more than 55-percent of total blindness around the world are caused by avoiding carotenoid-rich food found in leafy vegetables and also fruits.

All that said, have proper and regular vision screening of your children especially if they’ve had retinopathy of prematurity earlier.

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