Hurdy gurdy a hurdy-gurdy

Hurdy gurdy a hurdy-gurdy

    Hurdy gurdy musical instrument, as a model kit

    This beautiful model of the UGears is a new feature in their product range! It is a hurdy-gurdy, which is also known as a Hurdy Gurdy is called. This is an ancient musical instrument, which is a kind of mechanical violin. There is almost no overhead costs, along with the strings are moved, but there is a wheel to be rotated at the strings constantly. In this way, a sound is produced.

    And the funny thing is, it’s a musical instrument you can create your own package! Due to the phenomenal system of UGears you can build this kit without the need for glue. The items should be sought out, and in the other set. During the construction phase to make the whole process of how this tool works. You have to put all radartjes, and make sure that everything works the way it does.

    That way, you’ll get a good insight into the technique! And if it is a musical instrument once it is put together, you have to have a real, working musical instrument. This model is composed of 292 parts, and is suitable for ages 14 years and older. 292 parts of the assembly.

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