The first is a robot which reacts on voice.

    Joebot is the first English-speaking robot in a afstandbesturing but only in voice mode. He is, therefore, a “robotmaatje” that’s just the voice commands to respond.Joebot is like a wacky cartoon character full of jokes and hilarious comments! In the English-speaking Joebot has lots of different functions, and it is moving quickly and smoothly. He recognizes the obstacles and walks around them, and it has a really funky dance moves, the beat, and he starts dancing and repeats of the beat in his own unique way. Joebot knows when he falls down , and you’ll even have to ask for help.

    Several different modes and numerous features make for plenty of opportunities to play with Joebot, and that’s without the remote control. As it is, Joe is a true friend.

    The LED indicator shows the battery status.



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