You can show the audience a small box with two doors on the front and two doors at the top.

    You can have all the doors open and the box inside is empty, if You wish to do so.

    After that, You roll a dice and then puts it to one side of the box (for example, on the left-hand side).

    You can tell that the dice will disappear and You can close the doors and let die, from one side to the other side, no

    You have to open still to the door, where the die is located in order to show that the die really is!!!

    The audience will scream in delight because they know, of course, already a long time of how the trick works.

    The die is sliding just to the left-to-right and upside-down in the box.

    You say you are, of course, is that this is not the case, and, after some opposition, You open all the doors to show THE DIE IS GONE !!!

    You can use the dice in any of the place to appear for them.
    All together, on all four sides to show.

    Made out of plastic, but it looks very professional.

    Easy to implement, including the user manual.



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