Mini roboraptor


Mini roboraptor

    Roboraptor is 17 inches

    Roboraptor, a High-Tech fusion of technology and wild animals, there are now 17 inches high, the Mini Roboraptor battery operated. The miniversie may be small, but a lot of fun! Now the hunt is also on the Mini Roboraptor, is the little brother of the Roboraptors with his razor-sharp teeth, and entrepreneurial in our world, and it looks to be at least as dangerous. He’s going to be without a remote control, independently on the road to his place. His head, neck and tail can move freely. The jaw is a lever to be opened. Then move the two rows of sharp, white teeth to the front. Because of it’s ease-of-use, the Mini Roboraptor is ideal for small robotfans.

    Highlights & Details

    • Cool walking
    • The moving of the arms, the neck and the tail
    • The jaw is a lever to be moved in and out

    There are 2 AAA batteries (included) may be required. Not included in the price.

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