Robot snake


Robot snake

    Metal gear’s robo-alive

    Robo, Alive presents a true-to-life snake as a pet! Let your parents scare with this life-like reptile! The snake moves like a real animal, and both of his eyes, as his tongue move back and forth !
    I can move like a real snake, my tongue to tremble as I walk, and my eyes move from the left to the right!
    Can you offer me to tame?!
    This is the Robo-Alive Robotslang will be random in red or green to be delivered.

    She moves like a real snake.
    She says it with her tongue, and her eyes are moving!
    The Zuru-tube doesn’t just look like a real battle, and she also moves like a real snake. Don’t let them get away!

    A length of 45 cm. 2 ” AA ” batteries, not included.

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