Shoe covers


Shoe covers

    Love the shoes you are wearing moddervrij it comes with a schoenhoezen

    Festival goers look out!” Do you go often to concerts or other buitenfestivals, which can often be influenced? You know, it’s nice in the wet grass and mud, floundering and completely out of your mind for your favourite group. And you have to adjust the shoes, if you want your shoes to stay dry? The festival feet covers are a perfect solution.

    Put on this funny covers for your shoes, pull on your walking shoes and lets party!

    2 flies in 1 hit—> you walk next door, and they keep your shoes mud-and-regenvrij!

    Product features:

    • Rainproof disposable for the shoes you are wearing
    • Colors: Green or Orange
    • 2 sleeves per package for 1 person
    • A One-size-fits-all
    • 15 grams in each case approx 38 X 23 cm
    • For children who like to be in the mud and play with 🙂

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