Simple and Fun Ways to Enjoy Hot Dogs for Health Conscious People


Hot dogs are popular around the world and it is never easy to ignore the hot-off-the-grill hot dog, but the problem is that many people feel guilty when eating hot dog mainly because they know it is high in calories. When your aim is to cut some calories and lose weight, it is natural to feel concerned about eating a high-calorie hot dog. The good thing is that there are many simple yet effective ways to make hot dogs suitable for health conscious people. For instance:

  • Be very careful about the meat included in your hot dog. You have to understand that the use of meat will add several calories to what you eat. You will be better off going for grass-fed beef. Also, keep in mind that not paying attention to the meat used in your hot dog may also raise several health concerns. For instance, it is possible that you are not eating organic meat or it may contain nitrates.
  • Pay attention to the main ingredients included in your hot dog. You may want to try a different alternative if your hot dog contains overly processed ingredients. For instance, you may want to avoid it if it is high in textured soy protein.
  • Understand that you can always go without the bun. You will be able to cut several calories and help lower your intake of added sugar simply by ditching the bun. The reason you want to stay away from the bun is that it is made of refined white flour, which can cause several health problems. Eating your hot dog wrapped in the bun will lead to a quick rise in your blood sugar levels. It increases your risk of chronic diseases and also leads to energy crashes. That is probably the reason why you feel beat after eating the bun or anything high in sugar. To make your hot dog healthier, simply have it wrapped in fresh lettuce instead.
  • Put your money on sauerkraut. Adding it to your hot dog will instantly make it healthier and tastier too. Like other fermented foods, sauerkraut also supports your digestive system by helping you load up on healthy bacteria.
  • Pay special attention to adding more veggies to your hot dogs. Again, it is an effective and simple way to make your hot dog easier to digest. Veggies provide you with loads of fiber, which promotes digestion by feeding healthy bacteria in your gut. You can always opt for something like cherry tomatoes and cucumbers for taste and health benefits.

The fact is that hot dogs can be high in calories, but they may be a much better option as compared to many other fast food options. For instance, your regular hot dog contains around 150 calories, but the same serving of a bratwurst offers more than 285 calories. Moreover, you can always skip on certain ingredients to make your hot dogs a lot healthier. So, do not eliminate hot dogs from your diet when you can take specific steps to make it a healthy option!

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