Smartphone controlled ferrari


Smartphone controlled ferrari

    A mini, a ferrari and drive it with your smartphone!

    The Ferrari Fiorano, which you’ll be able to control it with your iphone.

    With a free-to-download app and the Smart Link Control-a dongle that you must plug in your ipad, iPhone, or other smartphone, you can turn your phone into a controller!

    On your computer, will appear as an authentic Ferrari dashboard of your Ferrari, then real-time, to be able to control it and even the traffic lights could do with a turbo button for extra speed.


    • On A Scale Of 1:50 Ferrari’s Fiorano
    • Color: red
    • Control it with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (and some android phones)
    • It works with a free downloadable app
    • With an authentic Ferrari dashboard design
    • Rotate your iPhone to steer and tilt to accelerate
    • Your iPhone will vibrate when the engine is started
    • Suitable for children as young as 5 years old
    • Comes with an extra transmitter (no need for a smartphone racing, also possible).

    Technical characteristics

    • The Ferrari operates on 1 ” AAA ” battery

    Suitable for

    • Suitable for iPhone 3 and 4, iphone, iPod Touch, and iPad

    The contents of the container

    • On A Scale Of 1:50 Ferrari Enzo
    • By default, the ferrari, and a small screw driver.
    • The Smart Link Control-hardware key
    • Transmitter

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