Tabi socks, slipper socks

Tabi socks, slipper socks

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Japanese tabi socks

These tabi socks have been the toes of the other of the split, which makes it ideal to be worn in the thong style sandal, created. Is the ideal destination for all of your flip-flops.
These socks are very elastic, so it can be used are about the size of 37 to 45. These socks are for men and women. These socks are also known as Japanese socks that you often wear Japanese toe shoe, also called a tabi shoe be called.

What material is used for the tabi socks?
The socks are made from a robust cotton, so that you can have years of fun on the tabi socks will do. This is because it has a good moisture absorption and skin-friendly. It is also a flexible ingredient, so you will be able to move freely in this matter. The price/quality of the cotton is very high, because the cotton is a good fabric for a low price. Also, the upper end of the sleeve and has a strong elastic band, so that the sleeve is to be withdrawn without the cotton to tear.
The socks are ideal for wearing w.v-japanese flip flops (zori’s)

Available In 3 different colors. Black, white and shades of grey.

With tabi socks no more cold feet!

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