The Sun Jar

The Sun Jar

    Pot, powered by solar energy.

    In the light of the Sun Jar is frosted glass and in a natural way spread out, so does the mood of thinking in the romantic light of the rising sun. The Sun Jar has no switch, and the built-in sensor ensures that there is at dusk, automatically Sun Jar is going to shine and light will be turned off.

    On the inner side of the weck jar is a bracket mounted, to which the light can be switched off and the battery to preserve.

    The Sun-the Jar was not only a beautiful object, and great events, but, due to its feature as a weck jar, it is also water-proof.

    Not a problem, so if you’re in the Sun Jar outside to let it stand.

    We will be in the garden, but also in the children’s room!

    We have it on the window-sill, and that makes the evening, and for a lot of still-pedestrians on the premises.

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