Ugears steam engine construction Kit jigsaw puzzle

Ugears steam engine construction Kit jigsaw puzzle

    Ugears steam locomotive bouwpuzzel

    A wonderful addition to the Ugears of the series. The predominant mechanism of the engine, is as realistic as possible, with a sync a working piston and a control valve. The sides are cut away, so as you can see, it’s in the center of the locomotive, the steam in the cylinder would go. The small doors, and the roof is on hinges so you can take a look at the cockpit of the train. Complete with an instrument panel and a vouwladder on the door.

    The model, without the need for glue to be assembled.

    The UGEARS 460 Engine and tender, combining all of the technical and artistic innovations, the makers of UGEARS models, it has to feel right.
    Rich in detail, with an eye for realism, and romance and it is a lasting symbol of the 19th-century technology. The engine is powered by rubber bands, and a set of gears in place of the superheated steam, but other than that it works, the most important mechanism is that of a real steam locomotive. From there, you can see the effect of the induction of pistons and valves, that is, the power to the drive wheels of the locomotive, convey by means of a moving system of rods, links, and axles. Small details, such as the cabin, with a fully detailed structural engineer with a retractable ladder, the art-deco boiler trim, and a tender kolendeuren to complement this, a beautiful reminder of a bygone era.

    The UGEARS 460 Engine and tender, is the largest and most complex model by far. Just like all the other UGEARS designs, the first Locomotive with a tender, comes with a step-by-step, full-color instruction book, so that the construction may not cause you problems.

    Age: 14+
    Packaging dimensions: 37 x 17 x 4 cm
    Dimensions of locomotive: 315 x 100 x 125 mm
    Size of tender: 160 x 90 x 115mm
    Number of parts: 443
    Assembly time: in a 10 – to 12-hour

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